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I've been smoking for over 15 years.  1-3 packs a day.    I don't even want to know how many days I took off my life for such a stupid thing to get hooked on.

Cigarette smoking was ruining my life.

I have diabetes, and I know smoking wasn't doing my health any justice.
A lot of times, I was hiding my habit from my family.  They knew I smoked, I never smoked around them, nor did I let them see me smoke if I could
Smoking in the house was a no-no.  Thus, in order to have a smoke, I'd have to go outside.  Summers are hot here in California, and the winters are chilly. 
My son began imitating my smoking habits. Pencils were used as cigarettes with him.. That really bummed me out.  He's told me "Daddy!  Don't Smoke" many many times.
Was tired of seeing my fiancÚ suffering each time I lit a smoke up in the car on drives.
I was tired of waking up first thing in the morning coughing my head off then smoking a cigarrete.

Going to the movies really sucked.  I always seemed to crave about 1/2 way through the movie and had to go outside (leaving my fiancÚ behind) to clue me in to what I missed.

I was tired of finding little holes burning in my clothes.
Cigarettes are really expensive now.  I started smoking when a pack cost about $.90 cents a pack.  Now 1 pack of butts will cost me about $3.90.  Damn!  2 packs a day for the next 15 years? $42,705.00!!  Do you realize what you could do if you could possibly save that Cash for something else?  Down payment on a house, a summer vacation, or a new BMW?

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