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Join our egroup and get lots of suggestions, help and support before, after and during your quit.  The Egroup is a family of friendly people who are, or have been in your position.  With this group, you will receive many email from our members which you can read and reply to.  Some days are better than others, but you'll have lots to do with reading and if you want, replying to these messages.  This is in no way SPAM, and we don't condone it.  You will receive as much as 100 emails per day, so you might want to be prepared.  If you want, you can sign up for one of my free email services which allows you to get your email from our group delivered to another mail box.  to sign up for a PhlexMail account (Free of Charge) then continue below to sign up for our Quit Smoking EGroup!

You can see some of our groups progress by   Please note, not all our group is listed here.  Just the ones that have made it past the first week.

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