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Some other things that spouses, friends, and Significant Others can do to help:

bullet Help with small chores around the house and yard, lightening the load.
bullet Give rewards for each day they are off cigarettes: a movie, go out to dinner, a small surprise, etc.
bullet Give encouragement for progress.
bullet If you are a smoker yourself, do not smoke in the presence of the one who wants to quit.
bullet Encourage walking or other exercise to work off stress... offer to go walking with them.
bullet Let their irritability roll off your back. That's withdrawal from nicotine talking, not your S.O.
bullet Offer to make them some warm Herbal tea for relaxation.
bullet Suggest soaking in a hot bath.
bullet Learn relaxation techniques together.
bullet Always continue to be supportive of their efforts and be as loving a friend, spouse or S.O. as you can be.

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