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After less than 30 minutes of smoking your last cigarette
  • pulse returns to normal.
  • blood pressure drops down to normal.
  • temperature of hands and feet increase to normal.

After 8 hours:

  • blood's oxygen level returns to normal.
  • carbon monoxide level in blood decreases to normal.

After 24 hours:

  • risk of heart attack decreases.

After 48 hours:

  • sense of smell and taste increase.
  • nerve endings begin re-growth.

After 72 hours:

  • breathing becomes easier after bronchial tubes relax.
  • lung capacity increases.

After 2 weeks to 3 months:

  • lung ability increases by as much as 30%.
  • circulation improves.
  • walking is easier.

After 1 to 9 months:

  • body's energy level increases
  • lungs increase their ability to handle mucus, reduce infection and clean themselves.
  • sinus congestion, coughing, fatigue, shortness of breath decrease.

After 5 years:

  • death rate because of lung cancer decreases about 50% for the average, one-pack-a-day smoker.

After 10 years:

  • death rate from lung cancer becomes about equal to that of non-smokers.
  • risks for other cancers (mouth, larynx, pancreas, bladder, kidney and esophagus) decrease.
  • pre-cancerous cells are replaced.